The Fluffington Post Teams Up With ASPCA for Limited Edition T-Shirt

The Fluffington Post has teamed up with the ASPCA to offer this limited edition Rosie the Retriever T-shirt. For every shirt sold, $3 goes toward finding loving homes for abandoned pets and stopping animal cruelty.

But we can’t create this special tee without your help. Unless we sell a minimum of 175 shirts, they simply won’t get printed, and puppies everywhere will cry. You don’t want a bunch of crying puppies on your hands, believe us.

This special piece of wearable art (created by the amazing illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis) will be screen printed on shirts made by Alternative Apparel — a company that prides itself on high-quality materials and sustainable business practices. This isn’t one of those “I’ll just wear it to bed” kind of T-shirts. It’s more of an “I’ll wear it to really cool parties and all my friends will be jealous” kind of T-shirt. Men’s and women’s cuts are available!

Rosie the Retriever shirts will never be sold in stores or on our website. If you want to own a piece of FluffPo history, you’ll have to act now. What better way to show off your FluffPo fandom and help cute animals all at the same time?

Go get one!


Day Thirteen: Animal Print

A fucking cute ass giraffe counts as animal print right??? Well if it doesn’t, screw you and your made up rules! These have to be the most damn freaking cute nails I have ever done. I mean, look at that giraffe go! Where is he going? No where, he’s just going and you need to look at him do it!

It took me a while to figure out what “animal print” to do. I almost did lame old leopard print. And then I thought about doing a cow with an awesome half moon utter, but I didn’t want to wear black and white. THEN I thought about a pig and almost went with it. Until I was like wait, I can turn my hand “sideways” and draw a full animal….like a GIRAFFE!!!! This is MY signature giraffe. I have drawn him for as long as I can remember. He always has heart shaped hips and a big round nose…no idea why, just does. Also fun fact: I have a cartoon like giraffe tattoo. Wanna see??? Maybe I’ll show him….

In the pictures I REALLY like the gradients. I didn’t want just a flat background for my giraffe and I also didn’t want a boring blue sky. So I figured why not a pretty sunset? TA DA! And of course he needed some grass to roam in.

Whelp there you have it. The most freaking cute giraffe nails I’ve ever done =D 

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